Each batch of Isla Tranqui Honey Company honey is tested by Quality Services International (QSI) to ensure that our honey meets (and soars above) FDA standards for purity and true source.


Simple and sustainable, all our honey is from our hives on the island, processed by hand then bottled the old-fashioned way—one jar at a time—by hand. In doing so, we honor the time-tested ancient “artisanal honey” traditions that ensure fullness of taste but also the stability of the medicinal properties of true raw honey.


A unique subtle floral bouquet awaits your fine discernment. Step into Chile’s Patagonia Rainforest through your taste buds. Naturally infused with the essence of the island flowers, our honey is light in color and viscosity, and delicately sweet. Simply, melt in your mouth delicious!


From our family to yours.

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Welcome to Isla Tranqui Honey Company!

Through images and text, we would like to offer you and your family an opportunity to travel with us to the Archipiélago de Chiloé, Southern Chile. By plane, bus, and then boat, our final destination is a remote island in the Patagonia Rainforest Region called “Isla Tranqui.”

Your Isla Tranqui Honey Company passport offers you and your family an opportunity to remember when life was simple. Where growing and raising your own food, and cooking meals together is an everyday occurrence. When, at the end of the day, all can be found sitting on the front porch, watching the sun go down, listening to the waves lap the shore, while chatting with family, friends, and neighbors. As night envelopes, quiet stirs the soul. The brilliance of the multitude of stars arrive glimmer-by-glimmer.

We are the beekeepers and all honey produced is from our apiaries on Isla Tranqui. My brother, Mike S., our head beekeeper, oversees all Production and Apiary Operations and his wife, Lizanne, is our Production Analyst and Manager. My husband, Mike, and I live  in the United States, managing the distribution end: Corcovado Organics, Inc. We are the extra hands (along with our nieces, nephews, children, and friends) when hive building is needed, as well as for harvest and honey processing. These are times of family celebration and hard work, but also times of remembering what it is to be family.

We hope you enjoy this true labor of love, poured into each and every jar of this, our first artisanal honey. Salud!

We welcome you to Isla Tranqui Honey Company.
Welcome to our family!

President & Beekeeper | Linda@islatranqui.com

“Looking out onto this blue-gray ever changing canvas, Corcovado looms formidably in the background, clouds float aimlessly, and peace flows like honey.”
Juana Sorensona


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